Show 11 | Which Is Better? Two Home Security Systems Compared (Part 1)

by dave

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Which Is Better? Two Home Security Systems Compared

In this episode, I compare and contrast two wireless, all-in-one home security systems, SimpliSafe and LifeShield according to the considerations we discussed in earlier episodes (see Finding the Right Wireless All-in-One Home Security System, Parts 1 and 2).

This practical analysis will occur over two episodes. In this first part, we compare the systems from the points of view of what comes in the box (and whether this will work for you) and installation & setup.

In the Home Security Resources segment, I feature brand of deadbolt that protects you at night, even from someone who has a key to your place!


Download the episode here (MP3, 20:12)


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Delores April 19, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Wish I’d found you earlier; I probably would have chosen SimpliSafe instead of Lifeshield, but I could find nothing on SimpliSafe except their own web sites under different names, and they are/were not even known to their local BBB. I frankly didn’t trust them. But re your podcast, I was seriously impressed. Voice extremely clear, didn’t like your background music but it was nearly in the background. I’ve been pretty disgusted with recent movies, TV & DVDs having poor voice audio and too loud music, overpowering and overriding the voice, and a lot of mumbling. So wonderful job, great content and presentation. Sorry I can’t do an itunes review but since we’ve already been burgled including loss of our SS cards (who recommended we not carry them!!!), my medicare card, and our last 2 years of taxes, I decided to not join itunes (nor have we ever used facebook, etc., and now we’re avoiding Google). Nothing like paranoia, I always say! Anyway, Thanks! And — now that we’re committed to LifeShield (we’re still within the 30-day return time), I’m extremely pleased — the info on my account on the LifeShield web is very informative and interactive. If I had an iphone or equivalent and used it, I’m sure I’d be ecstatic. I may give a neighbor and my son (with “iphones”) access just in case . . . but not today. Neighbor is a few hundred yards away, son is 3000- miles away. With me in Hawaii, either of them would get to my condo before the police (the weather’s great but certain amenities leave a lot to be desired).


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